All that surround us matters. The built environment matters. Organisation of functions and facilities matter. Composition of scales and materials matter.
Architecture is a matter of it all. And that is why architecture matters.

In the words of Massimiliano Fuksas:
"Architecture is interesting but by itself it means nothing"

YAAM art & architecture was founded in 2017 with the aim to work interdiciplinary and seamlessly within the field of art & architecture. Our background is traced via art schools and technical universities to design bureaus, architect offices and projects spread around the world.

We have the experience of conducting large hospitality and theatre projects as well as designing educational environments, private villas, micro housing and costum made furniture. We know how to handle and lead creative processes - and we love being a part of them!

We look forward to your inquiries!

Stigbergsliden 7
414 63 Göteborg Sweden
+46(0)31 16 20 30

Jenny Ahlbäck
partner/architect SIR/MSA
+46(0)709 95 60 96

Johanna Malcus
partner/architect SAR/MSA
+46(0)768 03 10 40

Luisa Navacerrada
partner/architect SIR/MSA
+46(0)735 36 60 88

Hedda Arlid
architect MSA
+46(0)737 10 97 32